Minjeni Women Group is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2005. We give our support to two areas outside Moshi Town, named Uru Shimbwe and Uru East.

Minjeni means shadow in kichagga, a tribe language from Tanzania. For us, the shadow stands for safety and a cool place where marginalized groups are welcome to visit, feel supported and relieved from social stress. The shadow from the tree is also where everything started; Minjeni women sat under that tree and figured out what the main problems in their community were and how they could be solved.

Our vision is to get a well-educated community and take appropriate measures to fight poverty. We are doing this by integrating programs that empower communities to obtain knowledge and skills through the respecting of gender. We believe that this will contribute to economic empowerment and social transformation for sustainable development.

Minjeni’s working approach is highly characterized by massive grassroots mobilization to ensure that people at low levels of communities understand and take appropriate measures to fight poverty. Minjeni is a membership organization where members are women who pay entrance and annual fees. Today we have 100 members.