Day Care Centre

The reason why Miinjeni decided to build a Day Care Centre was that the women of Shimbwe area needed to carry the small children on their back all day. This resulted in difficulties to sell home-farmed products at the market and to unemployment. By having a Day Care Centre the families can leave their children at the Day Care Centre during the day and walk or take the local bus to the market in town and sell that kind of vegetables or fruits they grow in their farm/garden.

It is not only the women that gain from having a local Day Care Centre. The children do not have to be left home and during the day they get food, someone is looking after them, they have other children to play with and this at a place that is suitable for children.2015-11-20 10.58.03_resized

Miinjeni has also sponsored a woman to graduate as a Montessori teacher. She will be at the Day Care Centre to help the kids in their development but also to guide the families about food and hygiene.

Because the mothers will meet while leaving their children or picking them up they will get in contact with other mothers and the Day Care Centre will have seminaries for the families to get a greater understanding about the importance of proper food and good hygiene. This will result in more knowledge and social interaction.

It will also be possible to organize seminars and meetings in the Day Care Centre’s facilities.

We are still searching for more funding to continue the construction. If you want to be a donor please contact us:

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