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img_5389 2“Miinjeni Sewing for growing” is the continuing project that started with four women of Miinjeni that started a sewing project in 2010, see Successful projects.

Miinjeni got donations to give 20 women and men seminars in tailoring and to buy 12 sewing machines. The seminars ended up in an examination day where the tailors had to be able to draw, cut and sew shirts. After this examination, Miinjeni also gave them seminars in entrepreneurship so they can look for markets, make cost calculations and market their products.

To continue the work for Miinjeni the women that started the sewing group now work together in “Sewing for growing” with the new tailors. Now they make products e.g. potholders, oven gloves, placemats, computer bags, book covers, purses, pen cases, toilet kits, bags, tablecloths, aprons etc.These products are sold at local stores, markets and also to shops in Holland and other international buyers. You can also find the products at “Sewing for Growing’s” shop in our office in Rau, Moshi.

You can find some photos of the products on the photo gallery of the website.

The directions for the shop is: Driving from Moshi town towards KCMC you take the first right after the roundabout by YMCA. After about 700m you see the sign “Msamaria Street Children’s Home”. Take a left there and continue to the end of the road by “Mrosso Shop”. Take a left again and pass the first road on the right and you have Miinjeni’s office and Sewing for Growing gift shop on your right, inside a white gate. Walk around the house and you will meet our tailors. The office is open Monday and Wednesdays from 9am-3pm. You can also call Suzana at +255 0685-900-072 or Justina at + 255 0753-188-792


Our products at the May Market



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