Minjeni is built up by local volunteers and is running by local volunteers. But to get our organization to grow and in a faster way develop the areas of Shimbwe and Uru East we need international volunteers. For Minjeni to have volunteers is both a profit for the organization and also for the community where job opportunities are made.

Who can be volunteer for Minjeni? We prefer that you can be with us for at least three month, but if you have a specific project the duration can be less. We recognize if you have a higher education in the areas of health and education, but you are very welcome to apply for any project that seams to interest and suit you. You need to be prepared to work some weekends but will of course have other days off, for example for traveling. If you are a PhD student it is possible to do your research with us. But do not forget to get your research permit before starting your study.

How can you volunteer? We have two suggestions for you: Make your own project or apply for Ready projects

Accommodation Your accommodation will be located in Moshi or if you prefer in the village of Shimbwe, located 15 km from Moshi town.

Price The price for volunteering is 350 USD per month plus 150 USD for registration fee and 550 USD as a one-time fee for visa (resident permit class C). A recommendation is to seek funds for your visa. It is not possible to volunteer on a tourist visa.

In the 350 USD accommodation, Swahili lessons and translators are included. If you do not need the Swahili lessons your price will be 330 USD.

Before you start working with us the whole amount of money have to be payed.

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