Make your own project

If you have a great idea of a project for the areas of Shimbwe or Uru East you can e-mail your project plan to us. In the project plan we need to know why you want to make this project, how you will make it and how you will fund it. Minjeni is a non-profit organization and we cannot fund your project but we want you to be able to make a great project that you and we can be proud of, and we will help you to reach the goal of the project.

It is up to you what size you want your project to be and the timespan. If you want ideas for what areas that need help now you can look at Ready projects for you or e-mail us and we might have other ideas that suits you better.

As a volunteer for us you will work outside the city in villages with a very low socioeconomic status and the communities need your help now.

Our e-mail is:

Application form

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